Choosing a partner to help you with your business Data Warehousing initiatives is the most-important decision you can make to help ensure the Data Warehouse solution will meet and exceed business expectations.

ParkCom consulting offers broad technical and business knowledge, combined with an expansive approach and experience, to provide you with a streamlined process for achieving the most advantageous business results and cost effectiveness from your data warehouse.

By focusing on the underlying business needs, we deliver a solution that provides quantifiable business value. We employ functional business and technical experts who will develop an implementation plan that identifies and balances both long-term strategic direction and short-term business objectives. These experts partner with your team and focus on achieving success by delivering incremental business value on an ongoing basis.

Finally, we understand that the Data Warehouse project is often a process of continual refinement that must respond to business objectives that evolve in response to internal strategies and external competition. Our goal is to ensure the unqualified success of the initial business application, while providing assistance and knowledge transfer to leave our clients with the skill set needed to enhance the data warehouse and develop additional data marts and/or analytical capabilities.

ParkCom enables organizations to successfully integrate IT into their overall business strategy. This frees senior management from the day-to-day supervision of this time-consuming operational activity. This increased freedom allows you to focus on your organization's core business. In this way, having ParkCom manage your IT functions and your business processes is a cost-effective and practical solution that further optimizes the overall efficiency of your operations.