Few organizations can afford not to use the Internet to develop, maintain and grow successful relationships with customers, partners and suppliers. With ParkCom you can achieve the benefits of this New World of e-commerce guided by experts. Faltering steps can be costly and even fatal in this first come/first win market. By selecting ParkCom as your strategic IT solutions partner, you gain the security of proven expertise and the competitive advantage of an e-business success.

On the Internet, you are what your customers perceive. Each customer is unique, you have one chance to make the first impression, or your customer will click over to your competition. With ParkCom our Consultants work with your team to convert that first time visitor into a purchaser.

If you're a start-up, ParkCom helps you lay the foundation for a scaleable e-business, including web strategy and brand management, technology, integration and application hosting services.

If you're an established player, we deliver fully integrated e-business solutions to help create new value for your customers.

ParkCom integrates your e-commerce applications with systems integration to unify your ERP environment, both streamlining the operations of the internal organization and reaching beyond your brick and mortar environment to bridge, interact and grow with customers and suppliers.