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Customers have always been at the core of any business. The Internet economy has provided the customer with a wealth of data and more choices than ever before. In this new economy, your customers will:

  • Value time, ease of use, options/choices, flexibility and simplicity
  • Permit access to their information on their terms
  • Expect you to learn from their interactions
  • Look for customized, relevant, and usable value at a competitive price
  • Demand consistent treatment across all modes of interaction - at the store, over the phone, on the Web, at their home or business

Success with these customers will depend on how well you understand your customers and their value. Aligning your organization to become customer-focused will demand transformations across multiple fronts - business strategy, customer facing and fulfillment processes, supporting technology and infrastructure.

ParkCom can help you get there

ParkCom’s eCRM Services Practice Group is helping organizations to combine their core assets with the power of the Internet to initiate, establish, and grow valuable, learning along the way and developing long-term relationships with their customers.

At ParkCom, we understand how to leverage data assets and decision support technologies to best ensure the success of your eCRM initiatives. Our expertise in business intelligence and analytical application technologies, coupled with our business and technical expertise, enables ParkCom to quickly provide the solutions that help you realize the benefits of effective, customer-centric business strategies and enhanced customer interactions.