Mobile Products and Services

At ParkCom, we truly believe that the time has come to not only extend the Desktop experience to mobile devices, but to also dramatically review all interactions between the Enterprise and the Employee (Customer), the Enterprise and the Consumer, and the interaction between Consumers.

We also believe that for some a paradigm shift is the best approach, but for others a cost effective, gradual migration, may be more appropriate. We have all experienced the rush to embrace Apple’s “i”family of products, but while embracing Apple’s products, we may also wish to take our Blackberry, Nokia, Motorola and Android based devices along for the ride. It is in support of this philosophy that we provide:

Mobile Strategy Services:

Over the years our experts have developed a deep understanding of the mobile landscape, and have helped our clients navigate through this inherently fragmented environment. We help with the:

  • Selection of a mobile solution in sync with business goals
  • Identification of the Opportunities and Limitations for integrating with existing solutions, and
  • Design of the optimum technology infrastructure

Mobile Application Design & Development Services:

For the past 10 years, our team has designed and developed mobile solutions for enterprises, both inbound and outbound. We have excelled in the areas of:

  • iPhone/iPad Applications
  • Blackberry Applications
  • Android based Applications
  • WAP sites (device agnostic), and
  • Extensions to current enterprise applications for the mobile environment

We have been involved with the delivery of over 200 solutions to our customers, some of whom include:

  • The world’s leading provider of business software
  • A global leader in the entertainment industry
  • A globally recognized media company
  • One of the world’s leading automobile manufacturers
  • A global banking service provider

ParkCom is also the owner of certain strategic pieces of mobile software that we license to our customers, or leverage to accelerate the time to market for our services.