Today's convergence of the Internet with wireless and broadband technologies will force paradigm shifts and rapid changes in the business environment, dramatically affecting customer experiences and the management of customer interactions. Looking to the next wave of the digital economy, we believe these customer interactions will be critical in expanding the reach to the end customer. Enterprises will need to personalize not only content, but also to use the context to create a unique and meaningful experience across multiple devices. Organizations will need to adapt to these changes while leveraging existing IT investments in a rapid fashion and create a unique value proposition.

With the emergence of the Internet as a global medium for sharing information and conducting business, forward-looking organizations are seeking new ways to improve customer relationships and enhance operational efficiencies to capitalize on the multibillion-dollar opportunities

of e-business. These organizations recognize that easier and timely access to relevant information is critical to remaining competitive.

As the market for wireless and broadband technology experiences rapid growth, so does the availability of timely access to customized information. To date, however, these services and technologies have focused solely on the consumer arena. With ParkCom, you can stay focused on your existing web assets. We start with what you already have: the real-time, complex, transactional web-based content and applications that reside on your public website, on your corporate intranet/extranet, or from one or more enterprise applications. Our consultants help you create a single infrastructure for the mobile web, enabling real-time transactions through your existing systems, speeding deployment, and ensuring consistency. We can help you choose the right technology and products to ensure your users always experience your site in the way you intended, and that there are no inconsistencies between data accessed from your website and data accessed from your mobile application.